Evergreen Academy

McHenry County

Regional Safe Schools Program

Eligible Students

The program serves regular education students grades 6-12 who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Recommended for expulsion by a member school district

  • Suspended at least twice for a period of 4-10 days for gross misconduct.

  • Involved in misconduct which demonstrates a long term pattern which is severe, repetitive and for which the home school has exhausted its resources in unsuccessful remediation attempts

Program Description

The Regional Safe Schools Program of McHenry County offers a comprehensive educational program that addresses the instructional and developmental needs of identified students.  The Safe Schools Program features an open entry/exit experience that includes standards aligned instruction in approved curricular areas as well as counseling services on an individual and group basis.  The program is designed to expose the individual student to a challenging experience that focuses on developing appropriate decision making skills.  Students who complete the program successfully will return to their home school.

Program Features

The Regional Safe Schools Program  offers the following unique features:

  • Mandatory search of person and belongings

  • Mandatory drug testing

  • Mandatory agency counseling for students who violate drug policy

  • Mandatory individual and group counseling

  • Individually articulated education and therapeutic program.

  • Volunteer enrollment

  • A Parent/Family night per semester

  • Development of IAEP goals for each student including

  • Career and Technical Education Program​ in conjunction with Marengo High School